Customized Private Training Services

Customized private training services are offered to help you and your dog better communicate and to deal with specific challenges you are having such as leash walking, leash reactivity, some aggressive behaviors, introducing new pets to the home, polite greetings and more.

For this service, choose customized private services from the drop down menu and fill out the initial registration here . After I receive the registration form, I will email you (if you do not receive an email within 48 hours, make sure to check your junk mail) and we will schedule a time for a brief, free phone consultation. During that call, we will begin discussing the things you would like to work on with your dog, what you can expect from me as we work together, and if we want to commit to working together or need to explore other options for your situation.

Following the phone consultation, the next step will be to schedule a full assessment that will take place in your home, or remotely. Coming to your home, or viewing your home environment through your phone or webcam, allows me to see your dog in his or her everyday environment and see what’s working well, and where there might be opportunities for improvement. We will work together to develop a training plan for you during the assessment.

Documentation that your dog(s) is up to date on rabies vaccination, and pre-payment are required before my arrival.


  • Initial session typically lasts about an hour and a half to two hours and is $150  required at the time of booking.
  • Subsequent in-person sessions are usually around an hour and are $100 a session if within the city limits of Cape Girardeau or Jackson, MO or if remote.

*If you are outside of the city limits of Cape Girardeau or Jackson, Missouri, and you are not interested in remote services, an in-person option in Cape may be arranged depending on availability and for a slight price increase.