Private Training Packages

These packages focus on teaching foundational skills to you and your dog in the places where you spend the most time together. The Foundations for Fun packages should get you and your dog off to the right start learning new behaviors and learning how to use those behaviors in different situations! In person prices listed are for training within the city limits of Cape Girardeau or Jackson, MO. If you are located elsewhere, contact me to discuss the possibility of me travelling to you and to discuss additional mileage rates.


Comfort! Not all dogs or people enjoy the classroom environment. If either you or your dog are shy or react in an overly excited way to other dogs or people you and your dog will appreciate learning in the comfort of your own home.

Convenient! Everyone is super busy these days. Who needs one more thing to leave the house for? Let me come to you!

Effective! It is all about you and your dog! You won’t ever have to wait for my attention and all the focus will be on you and your dog. This individualized attention will enable me to spend the whole time we have together helping you and your dog build skills you need to succeed!

Efficient! We will be working in your everyday environment which will enable me to see how you might set things up to better help you and your dog succeed. You and your dog will be learning the skills where you will be using them the most.

Works for just about anyone! Maybe you have a large family and don’t want to bring everyone to class, but it’s too difficult to get away with the dog. This option is perfect then. I can come to you and we can get the entire family on the same training page!

What it Isn’t

Foundations for Fun at Home and Foundations and More are not the same as the customized private training services. While these packages are somewhat customizable, they are a set curriculum. We will not be creating training plans for specific behavior issues. These packages could be helpful for dealing with some everyday behavior problems but if you have a specific, everyday behavior problem you want to focus on, customized private services may be your best option. Contact me if you have questions about which services are the best fit for your needs.

Foundations for Fun at Home

Includes: Five sessions in your home or remotely (must be completed within seven weeks or less), training handouts, email support and membership in a private Foundations for Fun Facebook group for $400.

We will meet in your home (or via Zoom, a virtual meeting platform) five times to work on equipping you with the skills needed to teach your multiple behaviors right there in the environment where you will use them the most.

During our time together, we will get you and your dog started on multiple foundation behaviors in your home. You will learn how to start teaching the behaviors and we will discuss how to begin getting these behaviors in other environments too. We will practice different behaviors in different places in your house or yard to show you how to teach each behavior in a new environment to best set your dog up for success and to show you how you can use each of these behaviors in your day to day life.

Puppy Package

A private puppy package is also available for the same price, and same number of sessions, but where we focus on skills that are more specific to puppies like house training, socialization, nipping and jumping challenges, etc.

Are you ready to sign up for a package to start having more fun with your dog? Here’s how it works…..

You register online by following this link and selecting the package of your choice from the drop-down menu.
Drop Your Jaws will email you a confirmation within one business day. At that time, I’ll get a bit more information from you and we will begin scheduling your sessions.
I will then send you information for how to pay online. Your bill is due immediately to hold your reservation.
Get ready to start having lots of fun with your dog!

Documentation that your dog(s) is up to date on rabies vaccination, and pre-payment are required before my arrival.

*If you are outside of the city limits of Cape Girardeau or Jackson, Missouri, you may sign up for remote services the price listed above or an in-person option in Cape may be arranged depending on availability at a 25% price increase.